About JMTX2

So, what about jmtx2? The JMTX2 website was created for several reasons such as a way to learn WordPress, a way to share our recent activities with family and friends, and a way to share information. Information such as a few product reviews or ways that we solved problems. Why JMTX2? Because our initials are the same and our families know that “jmtsquared” means both of us.

So who are we?

Jeff is a retired IT Professional with 45 years experience including 30+ years in IT management. Now retired, he spends his time with:

  • Running a small web business. The business has been in existence since 2000 and provides web sites and web hosting for individuals, non-profits and small businesses. It allows him to stay connected with technology including PHP and WordPress.
  • Hunting, primarily pheasants. With two hunting dogs in the house, he goes out a lot.
  • Fishing, when it isn’t hunting season.
  • Projects around the house, both inside and out.  He has been known to also do handyman jobs for other people on occasion.
  • Cooking for the two of us. We eat low-carb and generally do not use any packaged foods. Lately, he has been using a pellet smoker to add some variety.

Jae is an interior designer actively working with clients in the Twin City metro area and south.

We have two German Shorthair Pointers (GSP). Each has its own personality, likes and dislikes. We are fortunate to have a large fenced in backyard that allows them space to run. The dogs are a big part of our lives.

About JMTx2 - Our dogs
It must be time to go hunting or to go for a walk. Either way, my every move is being watched.